Wallet Review: Don’t Buy it before reading this! is one of the oldest wallets for Bitcoins and Ethereum. As one of the oldest wallets in the market — it was launched in August 2011 in Luxembourg — it’s also one of the most reliable.

An important aspect of is that it’s an online wallet, available in web browsers and mobile apps. This offers flexibility because you can access your wallet from anywhere at all, either through your iPhone or your Android phone, or even your desktop.

However, it comes with a major drawback. Online wallets are “hot wallets”, i.e., they’re always connected to the internet, and as such run the risk of being hacked.

If you need a wallet for small quantities of Bitcoin or Ethereum for short-term storage, then is great. However, if you need security over all else, you should look into hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S or TREZOR.

Having said that, in this article I’ll give you a detailed review of so you can decide whether it’s the right fit for you!

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PART 1: What makes it stand out?

One of the features that makes stand out is the fact that it comes with a Blockchain explorer. With this, you can gain a deep and current understanding of the state of Bitcoins by going through their latest transactions, seeing the costs, and gauging the number of transactions per day. If you study this carefully, you can make informed decisions on all your cryptocurrency trading.

Before you move on to the next parts, you can also go through the following comparative table. It compares the prime features of all the best Bitcoin wallets in the market. You can use it to determine which wallet you’d like to use.

WalletReviewTypeSecurityEase of UseCheck Website
Ledger Nano SLedger Nano S ReviewHardware WalletGreatDifficultCheck
TrezorTrezor ReviewHardware WalletGreatAverageCheck
KeepKeyKeepKey ReviewHardware WalletOkayEasyCheck ReviewOnline WalletOkayOkayCheck
CoinomiCoinomi ReviewOnline WalletGoodEasyCheck
XapoXapo ReviewOnline WalletGoodAverageCheck
ExodusExodus ReviewOnline WalletOkayEasyCheck
JaxxJaxx ReviewOnline WalletGoodAverageCheck

PART 2: Other Features

In addition to the special Blockchain Explorer, is also known for its adaptability. You can access the wallet from any platform, either desktop or mobile. All you need to do is to remember the wallet address. It’s advisable that you write down your wallet address so you can use it in any platform.

If you want a detailed guide on how to use it, you can watch the following YouTube video:

PART 3: Security

The prime function of a wallet is to keep your cryptocurrencies safe. As mentioned earlier, online wallets are less secure than hardware wallets. However, even so, you should choose an online wallet that’s relatively more secure. comes with a security tab to ensure that your defenses are up and no malware can get into your system.

Having said that, it’s still a “hot wallet” and as such you can never leave your guards down. Even when you go to the website, always be careful of the address you’re typing in. Furthermore, you should never click on links from that come unsolicited to your mailbox, they can be a spam or malware link.

In terms of account security, if you’re using the desktop version you can set up two-factor authentication so that you get an alert in your phone. However, if you’re using the mobile version, you can set up a PIN which you’ll need to access the wallet.

These security features make as reliable and secure as is possible for a hot wallet.

PART 4: Usability has been designed for convenience of use. It comes with a web browser and mobile apps, which makes it accessible wherever you are. All you need is your wallet address and an internet connection and you can access your wallet anywhere.

You can store your wallet ID in your computer and mobile so it’s conveniently found whenever you need it. However, if that’s too much trouble, browser caching can take care of that as well.

However, in terms of using the mobile app, there’s one major issue. You can’t copy and past bitcoin addresses. As such, if you have to send Bitcoin to someone, you’ll have to write their address separately and then enter it into the wallet. As such, transactions are made very difficult.

Finally, also has trouble coping with the amount of traffic it receives. The browser is often dysfunctional and you can’t access your Bitcoins easily.

PART 5: Compatibility doesn’t support the storage of all the cryptocurrencies in the market. However, it’s very efficient with the storage of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, it can be used on all desktop platforms and mobile devices.


As you can see, is a great online wallet for the purposes of easily storing Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there are some issues with the accessibility of the mobile apps, and being an online wallet it’s always in danger of being hacked.

As such, you can also look at hardware wallets as more secure alternatives, or you can look at other online wallets as well.

Whatever you decide to use, please feel free to comment about it down below and let me know all about it!

6 Total Score
Okay is great for storing Bitcoins and Ethereum. However, it doesn’t accept a wide range of currencies and it’s not the most user-friendly either.

Ease of Use
  • Blockchain Explorer.
  • Limited support for different cryptocurrencies.
  • Issues with the mobile apps.
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