How to buy Ripple with Coinbase: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Coinbase is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange on the planet, and is attractive to users for its range of payment options. If you know how to buy Ripple with Coinbase, you are better placed to have a fruitful cryptocurrency trading.

To buy XRP with Coinbase, you need to use these three steps:

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

  • buy Bitcoin with USD on Coinbase
  • buy Bitcoin with bank card on Binance
  • buy Bitcoin with PayPal on Coinbase

Step 2: Send your Bitcoin to an exchange

Step 3: Buy XRP with Bitcoin.

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

The first step you need to take to buy Ripple with Coinbase is to buy Bitcoin. This is possible to do as the traded currencies on the exchange include Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin. Despite the limited range of cryptocurrencies that are traded, the ease of use of Coinbase is commendable.

Here the steps you should follow to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

Login to Coinbase

  • Log in to your account on Coinbase homepage
  • Just in case you do not have an account, register here
  • After registering, you should sign in

register and sign in

Select the Cryptocurrency to buy

  • After you sign in to your account, locate the the buy/sell tab
  • Click on the tab
  • The next display will show the traded cryptocurrencies
  • Select the Bitcoin icon

select bitcoin

Pick Payment Option

  • Click on the BTC tab
  • The dropdown menu that shows the payment methods will appear underneath

payment option

  • Choose from the options
  • Bank wire transfers are often delayed
  • PayPal gives immediate value
  • Bank cards also give immediate value
  • Enter the payment details you decide on
  • The next tab will appear in order for you to confirm your purchase
  • Click on the tab for ‘’buy Bitcoin instantly “ as shown below

buy bitcoin instantly

  • After your click, a green flicker will appear to confirm that your purchase was successful
  • You can now go to your account dashboard to check your balances

Step 2: Send Your Bitcoin to an exchange

Having bought your Bitcoin on Coinbase, you need to now send it to an exchange of your choice. You can use Binance if you already have an account on the exchange. For a newbie, open a new account here.

Here are the steps to copy your new BTC wallet address

  • Go to the Binance homepage
  • Login and locate the ‘funds’ tab
  • Click on the ‘Funds‘ tab to reveal the ‘deposit’ tab

click funds

  • Click on the ‘deposits’ tab to reveal the cryptocurrencies available on the exchange
  • The cryptocurrency selection tab will display to the left of your screen

cyptocurrency selection

  • Click on the BTC row
  • Your BTC wallet address will be displayed underneath the ‘deposit’ screen
  • Copy the address by using “CTRL C” to avoid any errors

Back to Coinbase

  • Go to your Coinbase dashboard
  • Click on wallet tab at the top of your screen
  • This will display as shown below:

wallet display

  • Click on the ‘send’ tab
  • The recipient wallet address tab will display next
  • Paste the BTC address from Binance in the space provided using “CTRL V”
  • Type in the amount of BTC you are sending
  • Submit your entries
  • A ‘confirm buy‘ tab will appear next: click on it
  • Your BTC should be in your Binance account in a few minutes.

Just to be sure:

  • Go to the Binance homepage
  • Click on the tab for ’funds’
  • Go to the ‘balances’ tab and click on it
  • Your BTC should be in there.

Step 3. Buy XRP with BTC on Binance

At this stage, your BTC is already reflected in your balances on the Binance exchange. What you need to do next is to proceed with buying XRP.

  • In your Binance homepage, click on the Exchange tab at the top of your screen as shown below:

click exchange on binance

  • The ‘Basic’ tab is of interest, so, click on it
  • What will display next is the ‘markets’ page

market page

  • To the right corner of your screen, locate the favorites at the top

favorites tab

  • Click on BTC to reveal the BTC pairs
  • Since XRP/BTC might not display, type in XRP into the search bar above
  • This is what will display next:

type xrp

  • At this stage, the buy/sell tab will become filled under the markets page
  • Scroll down your screen to reveal the bar/sell tabs

XRP BTC limit tab

  • Click on the’ MARKET’ tab above ‘Buy XRP’

click market

  • The market price will show up on the price tab
  • Fill in the amount column with the XRP units you are buying
  • You can click on 100% under the Amount tab to buy XRP with your available BTC balance
  • Since you selected the ‘MARKET’ order, your transaction will be completed immediately at the prevailing market price
  • Check your ‘balances’ under the Funds tab to confirm that your transaction was successful
  • If you check your ‘order history’, the transaction you have made will be recorded in there.

You need to watch the video on this link to see an illustration on how to buy ripple with Coinbase:


Knowing how to buy Ripple with Coinbase is a recommended tutorial that will help you with vital tips to make your cryptocurrency trading fruitful. The attraction of Coinbase lies in its solidity, liquidity, and platform safety.

When Coinbase is combined with Binance, you can buy XRP with ease in a matter of minutes.